Kau Bay Sail and Raft-up – 29 Dec 2020

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Malcolm. Forecast: Southerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots this morning, easing to variable 5 knots this evening. Sea slight. Cloudy periods, but long afternoon fine spells. With the weather finally settling down after the Christmas storms, we arranged with Paul on Temptation to do a combined harbour sail and raft-up. Peter and... Continue Reading →

Mākaro/Ward Island – 21 Dec 2020

Crew: Geoff, Graciela, Jenny, Isabelle and Max. Today: Southerly 15 knots, easing to 10 knots this afternoon. Becoming northerly 10 knots this evening. Sea slight. Cloudy periods. First time this season taking out Isabelle and Max on Halo. We departed Chaffers Dock at 1245 hrs and hoisted the Mainsail and No. 2 Jib. With Graciela on... Continue Reading →

Nanni Engine Annual Service – November 2020

Annual service inspection by Travis at TS Marine Ltd as per manufacturer’s recommendations:Drain the gearbox oil and flush several times before setting level. Remove and inspect impeller and replaced. Clean out water strainer.Replace drive belt.Repaired broken bracket holding relays etc.Clean and touch-up blue paint.Test start battery. Failed load test. Engine hours: 396. Parts:Racor 500 seriessecondary fueldrive belt... Continue Reading →

RPNYC Rum Race – 20 Nov 2020

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Murray, Juliet. Forecast: Northerly 10 knots rising to 20 knots this afternoon. Sea becoming moderate this afternoon. Fine spells. We cast off from Chaffers at 1735 hrs with the wind blowing 15 kts northerly and rigged up the No. 3 Jib and full main. Positions were Murray on helm, Eduardo and Juliet... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Commodore’s Cup – 7 Nov 2020

Crew: Geoff, Grant, Peter, Lorna, Albrecht, Alison. Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 20 knots this morning, easing to 10 knots this evening. Sea becoming moderate for a time during the day. Peter and Grant joined Geoff on Halo and we departed Chaffers at 1037 hrs. With the northerly blowing at 15-18 kts we hoisted the... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Holmes Cup – 17 Oct 2020

Crew: Geoff, Bruce, Nikolas, Lorna, Martin and Petra. Today: Southerly 15 knots, easing to 10 knots this afternoon and to variable 5 knots this evening. Sea slight. Fair visibility in occasional showers, clearing this afternoon. Departed Chaffers Marina at 1105 hrs with Geoff, Bruce and Nikolas on board. With wind averaging 14 kts southerly we decided... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Opening Day – 10 Oct 2020

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Albrecht, Martin, Petra. Forecast: Northeast 10 knots, easing to variable 5 knots for a time in the afternoon and evening. Sea slight. Mostly fine, high cloud increasing. Departed Chaffers at 1000 hrs with Martin and Petra (plus Andrew and Cristina who came for the ride) and did some practise sailing with No.... Continue Reading →

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