24-Hour Endurance Race March 2018

Crew: Geoff, Robert, Peter, Grant, Brent, Eduardo
Forecast: Northerly 5-10 kts

Friday 2 March
1600 hrs – Murray to collect Robert from airport (NZ437 ETA 4.05 pm) and drive to Chaffers (will borrow Geoff’s parking pass).
1700 – Halo departs Chaffers ​heading to Seaview Marina Berth A36. Crew: ​Geoff, Robert, Murray.
1830 – Graciela drives to Seaview Marina
1900 – Presentation by Laura Dekker ​at Lowry Bay Yacht Club (LBYC).Attendees: Geoff, Robert, Graciela, Murray, Peter, Brent and ?2000 – Graciela and Murray drive back to Wgtn. Geoff and Robert sleep night on Halo.

Saturday 3 March
1000 hrs – Pre-race Briefing at LBYC – Geoff and Robert
1030 – Halo crew meet at Seaview Marina Berth A36​. There is free car parking around the marina.1130 – Halo cast off
1200 – Race starts! Crew: Geoff, Robert, Peter, Grant, Eduardo, Brent.

Sunday 4 March
1200 hrs – Race finishes1500 – Prize Giving at LBYC
1530 – Graciela drives to Seaview to collect Geoff and Robert. Take Robert to airport.

Monday 5 March
Some time during Monday, Graciela drives Geoff, Grant and Murray to Seaview to sail Halo back to Chaffers.

Yacht-Bot Tracker: http://www.yacht-bot.com/races/14020
Complete Photo Album: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kDwdyYk4FAC4oIXf2

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