Evans Bay Cruising Division – Commodores Cup – 11 Nov 2017

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Paul, Danielle, Dougal, Jessie

Forecast : Southeast 15 knots but variable 5 knots about the Harbour. Becoming southeast 20 knots but 15 knots about the Harbour this morning. Sea becoming moderate in the south this morning. A fine morning, then increasing cloud.

First of 2 races was due to start at 1320 hrs. Geoff, Eduardo and Jessie joined Halo at Chaffers at 11.30 am and sailed in light winds round to Evans Bay. By the time we arrived the southerlies had picked up considerably to around 20 knots. Went ashore to the club and discovered that Paul Wavish had turned Temptation back to Chaffers due to technical problem with the furling system. Danielle and Dougal from his crew then joined us together with Paul so we had a full complement of 6 crew.

The race course was changed due to the weather. Reduced to one race out to Ward Island and back. We set up 1 reef in the main and downsized the Headsail to the #3 jib.

We sailed around the bay waiting for the 5 min warning at 1315 but we never saw it! At 1320 the other boats seemed to have started so off we went. Five boats in the race but 3 of them were already well ahead of us before we even passed the start line at 1326 hrs.

Had a great downwind sprint out of Evans Bay, round Point Halswell and across the harbour with 20 knots of wind over to the marker north of Ward Island and back again crossing the finish line at 1503 hrs. No other boats flew spinnakers so we decided best to follow suit. Wonderful to be racing in a good stiff breeze.

Couple of technical issues with the boat:

  • When hoisting the main one of the crew noticed a rip in near the bottom of sail near the luff. As it was below the reef point we continued on.
  • Also after sailing a bit we realised that the sail was actually reefed to the 2nd reef although we had only tensioned the 1 reef line. Duh! Resolved by tensioning the #2 reef line which made the sail much flatter.
  • When back in the jetty and packing up, the main halyard got caught around the radar reflector. Impossible to clear from the deck so we hoisted the ladder and Jessie climbed the mast and freed the halyard.

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