Evans Bay Quick Slip and Sailing – 3 June 2017

Crew: Peter, Paul Jennings, Geoff

Marine Forecast: Southeast 15 knots but 10 knots about the Harbour, becoming southerly 10 knots everywhere this afternoon, then easing to variable 5 knots this evening. Sea slight. Cloudy.

Following Geoff’s birthday morning tea we went down to Halo about 1300 hrs and motored round to Evans Bay where we met with Sven and put Halo on the quick slip for annual hull inspection, clean, and zinc anode replacement. (See maint entry here).

At 1510 hrs we launched Halo back in the water and hoisted the Mainsail, No.1 Genoa and started sailing north in light southerly breezes from Evans Bay. Then hoisted the small red Spinnaker without a hitch – using technique of keeping the Genoa up until the spinnaker hoisted and set. Went well and we could see the advantages of sheltering the spinnaker from the wind during the hoist.

Sailed across the harbour under Spinnaker experimenting with different wind angles etc. and doing a gybe at 1600 hrs. We then simulated race conditions rounding the Ngauranga marker buoy at 1620. Hoisted the Genoa first than dropped the Spinnaker. Went well but lesson learned was that we should have started dropping the spinnaker much sooner to be ready to round the mark immediately on arrival.

We then tacked into the wind back to Lambton Harbour. Beautiful late afternoon out on the water and we were kept busy watching ships, ferrys and tug boats with Paul doing a great job on the tiller.

Docked in the marina berth at 1730 hrs.

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