Evans Bay Shiralee Cup Race – Nov 2017

Crew: Peter, Murray, Geoff

Forecast: Southerly 20 knots easing to 15 knots late this evening. Moderate sea, easing late this evening. Mostly cloudy, with light drizzle possible this evening.
Peter and Geoff sailed round to Evans Bay where we signed on for the race and got the course instructions: S – Ngauranga 4 (S) – Ward Is 12 (S) – Finish.
Race started at 1320 and we got off to a good start with the No1 LT Genoa and full Main. Peter was on helm, Murray on mainsheet and trimming and Geoff on bow and trimming.
Hoisted the main Spinnaker as quickly as possible and sailed out into Wellington Harbour at about 6.5 kts. Once we located the Ngauranga mark we need to veer to port somewhat so instead of gybing the spinnaker we decided to drop it. Unfortunately the spinnaker came down too fast and started dragging in the water before Geoff was able to stuff it all down the forward hatch. Caused us to slow down as we eventually untangled the spinnaker and sheet from the prop.
Continue on a starboard tack with No1. Genoa until we rounded the Ngauranga mark at 1358 hrs and headed across the harbour at about 6.5 kts to Ward island which we rounded at 1433 hrs. Passed Point Halswell at 1455 hrs and started beating our way into Evans Bay. At this stage our speed dropped to 5 kts or so as Temptation passed us and beat us to the finish line which we crossed at 1528 hrs.
Why were we slower than Temptation on the final section? In retrospect we were probably overpowered and would have sailed more efficiently with a reef in the Main or with the No. 2 Genoa. (We noticed Temptation had their Genoa 1/2 furled in).

Rounding the Ward Island mark behind Corianda

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