Island Bay Race Nov 2017

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Murray, Paul, Bex

Forecast: Southeast 30 knots gusting 40 knots but 20 knots gusting 30 knots about the harbour easing to 20 knots gusting 30 knots but 15 knots about the Harbour during the evening. Rough sea about the south coast, easing this evening. Mainly fine, chance of a light shower or two about the south coast.

This Saturday’s race to Island Bay was organised by RPNYC and is the last of the Interclub Series. The race was a pursuit race with 34 boats starting at intervals generally according to their handicaps and whether they were entered in Spinnaker or Non-Spinnaker division. Start times ranged from 1000 to 1145 hrs (see attachment below). Halo was allotted a time of 1030 hrs in the Spinnaker Division.

As the forecast looked pretty marginal we conservatively rigged 2 reefs in the Main with the No. 3 jib. The race started well for Halo. We crossed the start line almost exactly at 1030 and away we went! A bit slow at first until we got the strong southerly wind in our sails coming down Evans Bay. We passed Pt Halswell at 1050 hrs and continued across the harbour until almost south of Ward Island and then tacked our way out of the harbour.
The sea started to get quite rough as we exited the harbour with waves splashing over the foredeck. (Good to see the new hatch cover remained water tight, but crew up front got a bit wet!).

Did a slight detour to fish Titus Canby‘s lost life buoy out of the water then passed Steeple Rock light at 1147 hrs and then Barrett Reef Buoy at 1225 hrs and turned right on a fast beam reach (7 kts) towards Island Bay. Quite a few of the faster boats were starting to catch up with us by the time we reached the top marks at 1250 hrs and turned back home again.

Back in the Wellington Channel we successfully hoisted the Spinnaker (after a few little issues!) and flew all the way across the harbour at high speed (up to 8 kts!) before turning at Horokiwi Marker and back home. We passed the Finish Line at 1510 hrs by which time all the fast Spinnaker Division yachts had passed us.

Great race for Halo. Our most adventurous yet and good practice for the Wineworks race in 2 weeks!

We set up the PredictWind Tracker on Paul’s iPhone and you can watch our course on YouTube here:

Track on Google Maps

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