Lowry Bay Yacht Club Inter-Club Series – Sunday 29-Oct 2017

Crew: Murray, Eduardo, Paul, Geoff

Met Service Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots for a time this afternoon and evening.Sea slight. Mostly cloudy, a few light showers.

Our first Interclub Series for Halo and quite a different experience with 44 boats out on the water!

Murray and Geoff left from Chaffers at 1046 hrs and sailed across the harbour with No1 LT headsail and Main arriving at Seaview Marina at 1243 where Eduardo and Paul were waiting for us. Checked up on the course for the Combined Division (spinnaker) race which was: Start 1300. Course #28. Start 19p 18p 19s Finish.

Left Seaview at 1245 hrs, located the start boat and milled around with the other boats waiting for the start signal which was delayed but eventually sounded at 1310 hrs . We managed to avoid collisions with other boats and we were off heading north towards the top mark. Photos below show us rounding the mark and hoisting our spinnaker.

We continued down to the bottom mark under spinnaker power. Rounded the mark at 1357 and then back up to the top mark again. We miscalculated the final tack approaching the top mark and had to do a quick second tack which was unfortunate as we had already rigged the spinnaker and the genoa sheets got tangled in the spinnaker. Oh well, lesson learned! We rounded the mark (with inches to spare!) and then hoisted the spinnaker again for the final run to the finish make which we passed at 1500 hrs.

Our final place was 27th. At least we didn’t come last. Should note though, that most of the other Evans Bay boats were in the non-spinnaker race so we were mainly racing against the big boys.

After returning Paul to Seaview we sailed back home arriving at Chaffers at 1630 hrs. A great day out on the harbour!

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