Nanni Engine Yearly Maintenance – Nov 2017

Travis from TS Marine came down and carried out the yearly Nanni engine inspection and service as per check sheet below. Included replacement of Engine oil, Racor filter, Fuel filter, Oil filter and Nanni engine anode.
After the service we checked the engine one last time and found it wouldn’t start. In fact the control panel was totally dead. Travis eventually traced the problem to a broken electrical plug between the engine and the control panel which he had bumped. It was corroded due to salt water ingress and one of the pins was broken. This must have happened when we had our exhaust pipe leak and salt water got everywhere. Travis replaced them both with Deutsch Waterproof 8-way plugs. 
On Travis’s recommendation I later gave the whole engine a wash with soapy water (while the engine was warm) and one it was dry sprayed it with CRC.

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