Nelson – Motueka – Nelson 17-18 Jan 2019

Crew : Geoff and Tunch. 

While resting in Nelson and after Peter had returned to Wellington, Tunch mentioned he was keen to take a bus trip to Motueka to visit a friend who has a Kebab shop there. Why don’t we sail there Geoff suggested! 

We did a route plan on OpenCPN and figured out we could get there in 3 hours at 5 kts. We then checked the weather forecast and the tides and noted that high tide would be at 1913 hrs. We then called Alan Noble of the Motueka Boating Club (027-663 3995) who was very helpful and confirmed we could have an overnight berth at the Motueka Marina. He also gave us some local knowledge about entering the estuary; “Just follow and keep to the left of all the channel markers on the way in. You’ll be fine!’ 

We cast off from Nelson Marina at 1450 hrs, out through The Cut, rigged up the Mainsail and No. 2 Genoa, and set Ernesto to steer us across Tasman Bay to the Motueka entrance. The wind gradually decreased as we headed north with our speed dropping from 7 to 5 kts. As we entered the estuary Tunch took over helm while Geoff kept a close eye on the chartplotter and depth sounder as we crept up the river at 3-5 kts. Our SOG suddenly increased to 7 kts as we passed the wharf due to the tide still coming in though the narrow channel. We then spotted Alan and he waved us in to our berth.

OK time for a kebab! Tunch’s friend kindly came down to the marina to pick us up and take us in to town and generously shouted us a delicious kebab meal. 

The next morning high tide was at 0808 hrs we set off at 0845 hrs and sailed back to Nelson arriving at 1140 hrs.

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