New Vesper AIS Transponder – Jan 2019

Have purchased a new XB-6000 AIS Transponder from NZ company, Vesper Marine.
The install went perfectly using its own internal GPS receiver and connected to the spare VHF antenna on the stern of the boat. The NMEA output with AIS and GPS data is now being used as the primary GPS source for NMEA2WIFI and the OPenCPN chartplotter.
Once the transponder started transmitting I checked on but couldn’t see HALO listed at all. Checked with my old Daisy AIS receiver from home and could verify that it was transmitting fine. Discovered that it takes a day or two for the website to add new vessels to its database. It is now displaying correctly. (See screenshot and video below of our first sail with the transponder installed).
Another advantage of the new system is that it frees up a NMEA input on the NMEA2WIFI so I can now feed wind speed and direction data from the Navman into the network and display this on the OpenCPN dashboard (see screenshot below).
Also verified that the Raymarine Tiller pilot and Clipper GPS Repeater can now steer to a waypoint sent from OPenCPN using the GPS data from the Vesper. Great!
I am very impressed with this wonderful product and also the fantastic support provided by Vesper Marine.

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