Somes Island with Brent 13 Jan 2018

Crew: Brent and Peter

Forecast: Northeast 10 knots, rising to northerly 15 knots for a time this afternoon. Sea slight. Mainly fine.
Before departing Chaffer Geoff spent a while trying to get the new USB-NMEA adaptor cable working to no avail. Eventually cast off at 1020 hrs, hoisted the Main and No. 3 Jib and headed for Somes. Made good progress with NW gusting up to 15 kts and Brent on helm close-hauled with speed averaging 5.5 to 6 kts.

Arrived at southern end of Somes at 1115 hrs and tied up at the club mooring. Had lunch and a cuppa and Geoff had a swim. Did a hull inspection and cleaned the algae off the prop and rudder area and the log paddlewheel thru-hull with a soft cloth.
Departed Somes mooring at 1232 hrs and made good progress back home on beam reach averaging 6.5 kts. Brent lost his hat in the wind but otherwise a wonderful day’s sailing. Arrived back into Chaffers Marina at 1320 hrs.

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