Somes Island with Giovanna and Adriana – 29 Jan 2018

Crew: Geoff, Graciela, Giovanna, Adriana

Marine Forecast: Forecast: Southerly 15 knots easing to southeast 10 knots this morning, then to variable 5 knots around midday. Northerly 10 knots developing in the afternoon, rising to 15 knots late evening. Sea slight. A cloudy start, then a fine afternoon.

After visiting the fuel jetty to fill up with diesel and then a bit of helming practice for Adriana in Lambton Harbour, we hoisted the the Mainsail and No. 3 Jib and sailed across the harbour towards Somes Island in a light northerly. Arrived at the anchorage at 1325 hrs and dropped the anchor. Launched the dinghy and had swims and lunch then dropped Giovanna and Adrianna off at the jetty for a walk around Somes Island.

Sailed back to Chaffers with the northerly picking up to around 12 kts.

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