Cutless Bearing Replacement & Prop Speed – 4 Apr & 21 April 2019

Crew: Geoff

4 April -Motored Halo round to Evans Bay Quick Slip. Met with Murray plus Barry from Totally Marine to investigate cause of the vibration in the prop shaft. Barry confirmed my suspicions that the Cutless Bearing is worn. He agreed to quote price and availability for replacing the bearing to be done hopefully next week. Also will quote for applying PropSpeed to the prop.

With Murray’s help we washed the hull which looked pretty clean seeing as it’s only 3 months since the last wash and 11 months since the new anti-foul was applied. Then put boat back in water and motored back to Chaffers Marina.

21 April – Returned Halo to Evans Bay Yard. Barry from Totally Marine started work to replace the Cutless Bearing. Removed rudder and attempted to remove driveshaft flange. Too difficult so we had to relocate engine forward to allow driveshaft to be withdrawn from the hull. Geoff cleaned and repainted engine compartment. Fitted new Cutless Bearing. Repacked stern gland with new packing. Replaced engine to correct position reinstalled/checked alignment. Apply PropSpeed. Fitted new Zinc Anode.

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