EBYMBC America Cup – 21 December 2019 – Win for Halo!

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Lorna, Colin.

Forecast: Southerly 15 knots, rising to 20 knots for a time this morning, then easing to 10 knots this afternoon and to variable 5 knots this evening. Sea becoming moderate for a time this morning. Morning cloud and isolated showers, then fine.

Geoff and Murray departed from Chaffers at 1030 hrs, hoisted the mainsail and motor-sailed in 16-20 kts of wind round to Evans Bay where we tied up at the wharf. Signed on for the race and got the course which was announced as Course # 8. (Start – No. 10 Falcon Shoal – No. 12 Ward Island Buoy – Finish).

Lorna and Colin joined us on Halo and we rigged up the No. 2 Jib and medium spinnaker and cast off at 1230 hrs. Positions were Murray on helm, Colin on mainsheet, Geoff and Lorna on trimming, keys and bow. During the 5 min countdown we sailed with just the main and hoisted the spinnaker just as we crossed the start line. The run down Evans bay went well for Halo with the spinnaker helping us to pass those who were sailing with headsail only including TemptationGrenadier and Coriander.

As we passed Pt. Halswell we hoisted the jib and dowsed the spinnaker and sailed close-hauled towards Falcon Shoal with Usurper, Stinger and Frid ahead of us.

After tacking around the mark we poled out the jib and sailed downwind past Ward Island and closed in towards Frid. As we gybed round the Ward Island mark we were behind Frid but as Halo was the inside boat they had to give way to us under the “Buoy Room Rule” rule. And thanks to super helmsman Murray we overtook them coming out of the mark!

On the beam reach back to Pt. Halswell Frid slowly over-took us again. As we beat upwind in Evans Bay we were able to reach the finish line in just two tacks, a minute behind Frid and just ahead of Temptation and Coriander on line.

At the prize-giving back at the club the corrected results were announced. Halo wins the America Cup!

Some history: In 1925 the United States Pacific Fleet came to Wellington on a goodwill visit and enjoyed the EBYMBC dances so much they presented an “America Cup” for competition.

Race Action Replay http://raceQs.com/event/1014891

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