EBYMBC Charlotte Challenge – 25 Jan 2020

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Ken, Thomas.

Forecast: Northerly 20 knots but 25 knots gusting 35 knots about the south coast, easing to 20 knots everywhere in the afternoon. Rough sea about the south coast, easing afternoon. Fine, apart from morning and evening cloud.

Geoff and Peter joined Halo at Chaffers and we cast off at 1035 hrs to sail round to Evans Bay. The northerly was around 20 kts with one gust we noticed up to 30 kts.

Arrived at Evans Bay and tied up at the Quickslip post. Signed on for the race and got the course; Start – Somes Island – Finish. Pretty simple but with the added twist that each skipper could choose which way round Somes to go. Thomas and Ken joined us and we cast off with the No. 3 Jib and 1 reef in the Mainsail. We also rigged up in preparation for the Spinnaker.

Positions were: Ken on helm, Peter on Mainsheet, Geoff and Thomas on Trimming and Bow.

The start box lights worked well for the 5 minute countdown and we had a good start beating our way up the bay. After 4 tacks we reached Pt. Halswell. Bay this time GrenadierTamerlane and Temptation were now ahead of us. We decided to round Somes Is anti-clockwise which was a gamble as the other boats all went clockwise. We had a good long tack up the harbour averaging 6 kts dropping to around 5.5 kts on the east of Somes.

Once we rounded Somes with 20 kts wind behind us we decided against the spinnaker and poled out the jib and hoisted the No. 1 HW on the port side. We sailed downwind at around 6.5 kts, gaining some ground on the leaders. We crossed the finish line 53 secs behind Tamerlane. On the corrected results Halo came in at second place which we were pretty happy with.

RaceQS Action Replay: http://raceQs.com/event/1022581

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