Harbour Night Sail Practice – 6 March 2020

Crew: Geoff, Seamus, Lorna, Eduardo, Malcolm.

Forecast: Southeast 10 knots but 15 knots in the south, easing to variable 5 knots everywhere in the evening. Sea slight. Fine.

All crew joined Halo for a Harbour Night Sail Practice. We started at 8 pm with a Trip Report (TR) call to Wellington Radio on ch. 14. We practised our Man Over Board (MOB) drill by throwing a life ring over the side. Even though it was almost full moon with calm seas with an emergency light fitted to the life ring, it was certainly showed how hard it is to see the buoy once it’s a few metres away from the boat. We boiled the kettle for cup of tea using the interim gas cooker (the normal one is being replaced), and checked out our night lights. We also got a feel for how cold it quickly gets out on the water at night. We all agreed it was a great try-out for the race and enjoyed a nice evening out on the harbour.

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