Interclub Race EBYMBC Opening Day – 12 October 2019

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Ken, Brett. 

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots. Changing southerly 15 knots around midday. Sea slight. Fine spells, but chance of showers with southerly change.

Peter met Geoff at Chaffers and to help with the delivery of Halo around to Evans Bay. We tied up at the slipway poles together with Rogue, Coriander and others. 

After the formalities of the Evans Bay opening ceremony we rigged the Maxi Spinnaker and No. 1 HW Genoa and cast off at 1230 hrs and did some practice sailing around the bay. This was our first race with the new mainsail made by Linton Sails and we were very fortunate to have Brett join us on the crew to try out the new sail.

With only 4 POB, crew positions were loosely; Ken on bow, Brett trimming, Murray on mainsheet and Geoff on helm. With over 30 yachts competing, the start was rather congested and we chose to keep behind the main bunch resulting in crossing the start line about one minute late but with the advantage that we already had the spinnaker hoisted.

We sailed up the bay in the middle of the bunch doing 5 kts in around 10 kts of wind. After we rounded Pt. Halswell we hoisted the Genoa and dropped the spinnaker and the wind dropped to about 6-7 kts as we crossed Kau Bay. After the got past the bay the wind came up to 14 kts as we beat upwind towards the mark. When we were about 150 mts abreast of the Front Lead mark we tacked to do our starboard rounding. Unfortunately the wind chose this moment to drop and we drifted too close to the mark so had to do a double tack in order to clear it without colliding! We noticed one boat pass inside us as we lost a bit of time with this manoeuvre.

Back downwind we re-hoisted the spinnaker and made good progress at 6-7 kts on a broad reach back to Pt. Halswell where we took a fairly wide turn and passed a couple of boats which were becalmed in Kau Bay. Yay!

Back in Evans Bay we completed the race with just two tacks keeping just ahead of Rogue who had been biting our heels behind us for the whole race. While Halo finished well behind the fast RPMYC racing boats on line, we later found that we had come 2nd on the corrected time for the race. 
A great result for Halo thanks partly to our new mainsail (and clean bottom) but more importantly thanks to Brett from Linton Sails who gave up his valuable time to guide us with sailing tips and expert advice. 

RaceQS Race Replay:

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