Harbour Sailing and Raft-up – 27 June 2020

Crew: Geoff, Albrecht, Mia, Lorna.

Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Northerly 15 knots developing this evening. Sea slight. Cloudy. Fair visibility in a few showers developing this morning.

After helping Murray with mooring lines for the arrival of Juscinta’s yacht Southern Rose at Chaffers we cast off at 1118 hrs. Wind was a very light 3 kts and we hoisted the Mainsail and No. 1 LT and motored past Pt. Halswell hoping to catch some wind to blow us up the harbour. Once we passed Kau Bay we turned the engine off and with a NE 12 to 15 kts we tacked up towards Somes island getting up to 6 kts on a close reach.

We arrived at the mooring at 1235 hrs. Temptation rafted up beside us soon after and then Juliet’s Farrsighted joined us. Very calm and sheltered at the mooring and we enjoyed lunch and socialising.

We cast off from the mooring at 1445 hrs had a downwind run in the light NE. Rather than hoisting the spinnaker we hoisted the second No. 1 Genoa poled out with the spinnaker pole effectively flying two headsails. (Not sure if there is a technical term for this). We also did a gybe switching the poled out No. 1 HW over to the port side. First time we’ve tried this move but it went perfectly once we’d made sure all the lines were in the right place..

As we neared Lambton Harbour we suddenly saw a large container ship charging across our bow. Took us by surprise as our view of it approaching was blocked. Lesson to be learned – never to relax the lookout, even on a leisurely sail.

We safely arrived back at the marina at 1610 hrs. A very pleasant day out on the harbour with good company.

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