EBYMBC Winter Series Race Four – 18th July 2020 – Win for Halo!

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Lorna, Ken, Peter, Albrecht.

Forecast:  Southeast 10 knots but 15 knots about the south coast. Sea slight. Fair visibility in rain.

At 1200 hrs Geoff, Eduardo and Peter cast off from Chaffers and sailed round to Evans Bay. Very light southerly breezes and we hoisted the No. 1 LT Genoa with full Mainsail. We tied up at Evans Bat wharf at 1315 hrs where Lorna, Albrecht and Ken joined us. We signed on for the race which was to be course #2. Start – Falcon Shoals – Finish. Positions were allocated: Ken on helm, Eduardo and Peter on trimmers, Lorna on keys, Albrecht on mainsheet and Geoff on bow. We rigged up the maxi spinnaker.

With the wind behind us for the start we decided not to hoist the Genoa and to go straight across the line with the kite up. Although we were about a minute slow crossing the line we soon made good progress and by the time we reached Pt Halswell at 1416 hrs we had caught up with a few boats that beat us off the start.

We took a wide rounding of Pt Halswell which proved to be a good move as we noticed a number of boats floundering in the wind shadow of Kau Bay. We dropped the spinnaker and started tacking across the channel towards Ward Island. Five minutes after our next tack the wind shifted more towards the east which meant we were then on a perfect layline to Falcon Shoals mark. Rounded the mark at 1456 hrs and then hoisted the maxi spinnaker again for the run back. Off Kau Point we did a nice clean spinnaker gybe. Rounded Pt Halswell at 1526 hrs and then beat our way down Evans Bay, neck and neck with Saucy Sausage, completing the race in two tacks finishing at 1557 hrs, fourth on line behind Jesse James, After Midnight and Rogue and just 4 seconds ahead of Saucy Sausage.

We were pretty pleased with our performance and were excited to discover later that we had won the race on corrected time plus Halo has now jumped up to 3rd on the overall Winter Series. Well done Team Halo!

RaceQS Replay: http://raceQs.com/event/1084667

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