EBYMBC Winter Series – 1 August 2020

Crew: Geoff, Lorna, Peter, Ken, Albrecht.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots. Sea slight. Fine with high cloud.

Geoff, Lorna and Peter joined Halo at Chaffers and after rigging the Genoa No. 1 and Maxi Spinnaker we cast off at 1011 hrs and motor sailed with the Mainsail until we got out past Pt. Jerningham. The Northerly was a light 10 kts as we headed downwind and hoisted the kite for a practice run with Lorna on helm, Geoff on bow and Peter on sheets. All went well as we sailed down Evans Bay.

Arrived at the wharf at 1110 hrs where Ken and Albrecht joined us. We had lunch, signed on and got the course: “Start – 4s – 10s – Finish”.

We cast off from the wharf at 1137 hrs with Albrecht on mainsheet, Ken on bow, Peter on trim, Lorna on keys and trim, and Geoff on helm. After manoeuvring around the start line we decided to start from the west side of the line near the clubhouse on a port tack but following the example of more experienced sailors such as Usurper and After Midnight. Got off to a good start as we beat into the wind clearing Evans Bay in one tack just ahead of most of the bunch. The wind was very shifty and dropping as we cleared Pt Jenningham. We rounded Ngauranga mark at 1325 hrs.

Race Control announced on the VHF ch. 77 that the race was now shortened, eliminating the second mark at Falcon Shoals.

Wind had now dropped to under 5 kts by now as we hoisted the kite and drifted our way across the harbour alongside Temptation, Tamerlane, Saucy Sausage, Grenadier and others. We tried all sorts of tricks to catch some wind. Ken poked the spinnaker pole out the front of the boat like a bowsprit but to no avail as the wind dropped to zero. We had a cup of tea and rested hoping for some wind. By 1530 it was obvious we weren’t going to cross finish line before the cutoff of 1600 hrs so we pulled out of the race and motored back to Chaffers.

The published results showed that 5 of the 16 boats had managed to finish in time, with the the rest of us scoring 17 points.

RaceQS replay: http://raceQs.com/event/1094134

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