EBYMBC Winter Series – 15 August 2020

Crew: Geoff, Jason, Lorna, Ken, Albrecht.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots easing to variable 5 knots this afternoon. Southerly 15 knots developing this evening. Sea slight. Fine.

Departed Chaffers with Albrecht, Lorna and Geoff with 10 kts northerly we hoisted the maxi spinnaker for a pre-race practice down the bay with Lorna on helm and Geoff and Jason on bow and sheets. We then dropped the sails and motored into the wharf at Evans Bay and picked up Ken and Albrecht.

By this time the wind had dropped to under 5 kts. The course was advised as “Start – A – B – A – B – A – B – A – Finish“, A being a mark near Balaena Bay and B south of Shelly Bay. In the meantime the wind had dropped to almost zero knots as we cast off in preparation for the 1200 hrs start. Positions were allocated as Jason on bow, Albrecht on mainsheet, Lorna on keys, Geoff trimming and Ken on helm. As the countdown didn’t happen we got the binoculars out and saw the red and white AP flag flying on the clubhouse meaning the race had been postponed. All the boats mulled around the bay until the wind eventually turned to a southerly breeze. So it would be a spinnaker start!

The race eventually started at 1309 hrs in about 10 kts southerly and we hoisted the kite as we crossed the line and made good progress up the bay to the first mark. The course was very short so we had four spinnaker hoists which went mostly well. With Ken doing a great job on helm we eventually crossed the finish line at 1448 hrs just behind Temptation and ahead of Tamerlane, Wakarere, Coriander, Saucy Sausage, Grenadier and Transcender on line.

We dropped Ken and Albrecht off at Evans bay then sailed back to the Chaffers berth arriving at 1550 hrs. A glorious day’s sailing and we were pretty happy with our performance in the race. The results weren’t published until Monday and we came in 5th on handicap for the race. Being the end of the Barton Marine Winter Series the overall result for Halo was 6th.

Here’s our track: http://raceQs.com/event/1103424   

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