Up the Mast – Aug 2020

Following completion of the Winter Series racing in August 2020 we have now undertaken a full replacement of the mast equipment:

Anchor Light – Hella NaviLED 360 Compact Anchor Light.

Steaming and Spreader Lights – Hella NaviLED Pro Masthead Navigation Light.

VHF Antenna – Pacific Aerials SeaMaster P6001 with 20m extension cable.

Wind instrument – NASA Clipper Tactical Wind System.

I made good use of our Mast-Mate ladder system. It took multiple climbs up the mast over various days with assistance from Peter, Murray and Paul. Big challenge was getting the new cables through the small hole in the base of the mast. Had to devise a messenger wire from sturdy electrical cable as well as some enlarging of the hole with a file.

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