RPNYC Rum Race – 20 Nov 2020

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Murray, Juliet.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots rising to 20 knots this afternoon. Sea becoming moderate this afternoon. Fine spells.

We cast off from Chaffers at 1735 hrs with the wind blowing 15 kts northerly and rigged up the No. 3 Jib and full main. Positions were Murray on helm, Eduardo and Juliet on trimmers and Geoff on mainsheet. The course was announced on VHF channel 62 as: “Start – No. 4 Ngauranga – No. 10 Falcon Shoal – Finish. We could only see the start flags with the binoculars and were guided somewhat by watching the other boats. We started pretty well on a port tack about 30 seconds behind the leaders and settled into a direct line to the first mark.

We rounded the Ngauranga buoy at 1827 hrs and had a good clean hoist of the medium spinnaker. With jib doused and the spinnaker nicely trimmed we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves until whack! The kite had collapsed from the mast and was in the water. It looked like the halyard block had detached itself from the mast head. Luckily Eduardo was still on the bow securing the jib and we were able to quickly get the kite out of the water and stowed down the hatch.

We re-hoisted the jib and poled it out to windward. We then got the No. 1 Genoa HW out and rigged it up with the spare genoa halyard and spinnaker sheet and flew it out to leeward. We are able to make good progress on a direct lay-line to Falcon Shoal and enjoyed passing a few boats on the downwind leg.

We rounded Falcon Shoal with Gucci hot on our tail and passing close by us as we tacked into the wind. By then the wind had dropped to 10-12 kts and we were under-powered with just the No. 3 jib and main but pressed on. After two tacks we rounded Pt. Halswell at 1935 hrs with wind now down to about 8 kts. What happened to the predicted 20 kts? Beautiful South almost passed us on the last reach to the finish line but by improving our sail trim we managed to keep ahead of them and finished at 2001 hrs just 6 seconds in front of them and 10 seconds behind Sasquatch as the sun was setting behind Wellington’s city lights.

We docked back at Chaffers and after tidying up the boat joined the other boat crews at the RPNYC bar. Results were confirmed. Halo came 7th on handicap. A wonderful evening’s sailing.

RaceQS Action Replay http://raceQs.com/event/1158576

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