Scorching Bay – 2 May 2021

Crew: Geoff, Graciela, Jenny, Jono, Isabelle, Max.

Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Sea smooth. Morning cloud then fine. 

Another family sailing adventure just two days before Max’s 4th birthday. Max started the engine and we cast off from Chaffers marina at 1100 hrs. Once we left the shelter of Lambton Harbour we took advantage of the light 8-10 kts northerly breeze and hoisted the mainsail and No. 2 jib and turned off the ‘iron sail’. With Graciela on helm we sailed across the harbour around Pt. Halswell, Kau Bay and towards Scorching Bay. Lots of other boats out in the harbour enjoying the mild autumn conditions. Saw Coriander motoring out of Evans Bay at one stage but Doug seemed to be having problems unfurling his twisted jib.

We arrived at Scorching Bay at 1200 hrs. The club mooring is still missing in action so we dropped the anchor. After testing that it was holding well we could relax and have lunch. The anchorage was nicely sheltered from the breeze but just enough to keep us heading north.

Isabelle and Max were very keen to try their hand at fishing again. We got out the rod and Jono put the hook and squid bait on and taught them how to let out the line and reel it back in again. After a while Max asked, “why haven’t we caught any fish?” Anyway, we all had lots of fun and all enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the warm bay.

At 1326 Jono pulled up the anchor and we motored Halo out of the bay. Once we rounded Kau Point we turned off the engine and sailed back to Wellington in the light breeze with Jenny doing a great job on helm. We trailed the lure behind us in the vain hope of catching a kahawai and eventually docked Halo back at the marina at 1440 hrs.

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