Winter Series Practice – 10 June 2021

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Murray, Eduardo, Grant.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots. Changing southerly 10 knots later this afternoon, rising to 15 knots in the evening. Sea slight. Partly cloudy.

We met at Chaffers at 1000 hrs for a harbour sail to shake out any gremlins in the boat and crew šŸ™‚ in preparation for the the EBYMBC Winter Series which starts next week on 19th June.

We tacked up the harbour in about 15 kts with the No. 2 jib and full main and Grant on helm. First time sailing with the new draft stripes on the mainsail so we spent a bit of time experimenting with sail trim (halyard, Cunningham, backstay, mainsheet and traveller) as we observed the draft position and depth and boat speed.

At times, with True Wind Speed (TWS) gusting 20 kts, we felt a bit over-powered and we considered changing down to the No. 3 but the wind started easing so we felt happy staying with the larger jib.

We debated where to stop for a lunch break. Peter suggested we visit Seaview marina so off we went and motored into the marina. We tied up at the Compass Coffee visitors jetty to eat our sandwiches and enjoyed the great coffees.

On the way back home with Peter on helm and the northerly behind us we tried out the dual head sails downwind technique. Went well although it seemed to be quite dependant on the boat heading directly downwind to stop luffing. We then hoisted the maxi spinnaker. A bit slow to hoist due to a twist in the sail but eventually got it up and we enjoyed a speed increase from around 5.5 to 6.5 to 7 kts with TWS gusting up to 20 kts at times.

We rounded Falcon Shoals light and then tacked up to Pt Halswell and then a relaxing broad reach back to Chaffers.

Total trip 17 nautical miles.

The previous day Geoff and Peter motored Halo round to Evans Bay for a ‘Quickslip’ to wash the hull. Hopefully the antifoul will last another five months until after the Winter Series.

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