EBYMBC Spring Race – 23 October 2021 

Crew: Geoff, Albrecht, Grant, Nina, Trey.

Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Southerly 10 knots developing for a time afternoon about the South Coast. Northerly 10 knots developing in the evening. Sea slight. Fine with increasing high cloud. Low tide 1405 hrs.

This Saturday was the first in the EBYMBC series of ‘The Wash House’ Spring Sailing races. The crew joined Geoff at Chaffers and we rigged up the boat with the Genoa No. 1 LT and cast off from the berth at 1137 hrs. The wind was almost non-existent and we were wondering if there would be enough to hold the race.

We sailed out into the harbour and amazingly the southerly was building up to 15 kts. This was not forecast at all! We took down the Genoa and rigged up the smaller No. 2 Jib. and then motor sailed down Evans Bay to check out the course number on the club start box window. Course number 12: Start – Shoal Pile (p) – Finish. Positions were allocated: Albrecht on bow, Grant on helm, Trey and Nona on sail trim, Geoff on mainsheet.

We had a good start crossing the line just seconds after 1300 hrs with the maxi spinnaker hoisted and raced up the bay at up to 7 kts chasing Coriander who was already well ahead of us. The nice 15 kts breeze at the start was now dropping to under 10 kts and Temptation seemed to be getting better wind as they sailed up the west side of the bay and passed us before we got to Pt Halswell. Being wary of not getting into the dead wind of Kau Bay we went wide. We noticed though, Grenadier and Tamerlane sailed much closer to the shore without too many problems and consequently gained on us and were on a better angle for the beat to Falcon Shoal.

As we approached the mark Tamerlane was now ahead of us and we had to do an extra tack to avoid being slowed down by their wind shadow. We rounded the mark at 1348 hrs and hoisted the kite again for the reach back. The wind had dropped to 10 kts and we made fairly good speed in the light breeze and were able to pass Tamerlane and Wakarere. While the kite was up we took down the No. 2 and hoisted the No. 1 Genoa.

After rounding Pt Halswell we beat our way up Evans Bay in about 10 kts of wind to the finish line. Grenadier and the others were unable to catch us as we did four tacks to cross the finish at 1443 hrs, third on line behind Temptation and Coriander.

Here’s the link to the RaceQs replay: http://raceQs.com/event/1331973

Total trip 17 nautical miles.

Rounding Shoal Pile mark
Reaching with the spinnaker
Goose-winged on the way home after the race

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