Return to Ward Island 16 Jan 2022

Crew: Geoff, Graciela, Jenny, Jono, Isabelle and Max.

Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Becoming southeast 10 knots, but 15 knots about the south coast this morning. Becoming variable 5 knots but northeast 10 knots about the harbour in the evening. Sea slight. Fine. 

Another wonderful trip to ‘Treasure Island’ with family. We were a bit worried about going out sailing after yesterday’s eruption in Tonga and resulting tsunami warnings around the world as far away as Chile. The NZ advisory was, however, in effect only for the north and east coast and looking at the Tsunami Gauges on Geonet we could see that Wellington Harbour was ‘flat-lining’. We got Halo prepared at around 11 am and cast off with the family on board. The wind was pretty-well non existent to start with so we motored across the harbour with just the mainsail hoisted.

As we neared the Ward Island mooring we saw another yacht, Jayhawk a Lidgard Demon, tied up to the buoy. We prepared fenders and mooring lines ready to raft up with them but they kindly signalled to us they would cast off and left the mooring to us.

After lunch Jono and Max pumped up the dinghy and we ferried everybody over to the island.

Isabelle and Grandpa had a swim and the kids had lots of fun playing on the beach collecting shells and pebbles.

After returning to Halo we packed up and set sail for Wellington. The southerly had picked up to 12-15 kts so we sailed with the No. 3 Jib and one reef in the Mainsail. Jenny did a great job on helm as we sped along at over 6 kts all the way back.

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