Southern Rose Delivery – 9 February 2022

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Murray, Colin.

Forecast Variable 5 knots. Southerly 10 knots developing late morning, turning northeast 10 knots this evening. Sea slight. Mostly cloudy. Fair visibility in a few showers developing in the evening.

Murray asked if we could assist him to deliver Juscinta’s boat, Southern Rose, from Seaview back to Wellington. Her boat’s engine has been a bit unreliable so the plan was to sail Halo over to Seaview with Murray and Colin and then to accompany them back with a tow rope ready on Halo just in case they got into any difficulty. The Southern Rose was built by Colin Murdoch in 1980 and was initially named Hauroko (“sound of the wind” in Te Reo). More on her history here: Hauroko.

Peter met with Geoff at 0930 and we prepared the boat and loaded our new yellow 100 mt polypropylene float rope on board. Murray and Colin then joined us and we cast off from Chaffers at 1000 hrs.

The wind was less than 1 kt and we motored out into the flat calm water. With Peter on helm we steered a straight line across Wellington Harbour.

We arrived at Seaview Marina at 1108 hrs and tied up at an empty berth next to where Juscinta and Southern Rose were waiting for us.

After a nice coffee and chat at Compass Cafe we slipped our lines and both boats cast off from the marina at 1156 hrs.

Murray had some initial difficulty with the prop walk while backing Southern Rose out of her berth but soon was in control and they motored across the harbour past Matiu/Somes Island towards Wellington.

Peter and Geoff on Halo followed behind them. The southerly-westerly had come up a bit to about 8 kts but not enough get there in good time on wind power alone so we motor-sailed with just the mainsail hoisted.

We motored into Chaffers Marina at 1305 hrs and visited the fuel jetty to top up the diesel and then arrived back to our berth at 1324 hrs.

Total distance travelled: 12.7 nautical miles.

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