EBYMBC Mishmosh Sailing – 14 May 2022

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Anastasia, Eduardo and Grant.

Forecast: Northerly 20 knots, rising to 25 knots gusting 35 knots for a time in the afternoon and early evening.

Grant, Eduardo, and Anastasia joined Geoff at Chaffers. The weather looked a bit rough with dark clouds and gusts up to 30 kts in the marina. We wondered if the race would go ahead but cast off at 1135 hrs and sailed round to Evans Bay to collect Murray. The wind was performing in accordance with the forecast and we noted gusts over 35 kts at times.

The race was announced as a ’round the cans’ race with five marks within the confines of Evans Bay south of Shelley Bay. All divisions to start together at 1300 hrs.

While Geoff grabbed a pie at the clubhouse the crew rigged up the No. 3 Jib. We put a reef in the mainsail and rigged the spinnaker sheets and gybe preventer. We cast off from the wharf at at 1248 hrs ready to race. Grant and Anastasia were on sail trim, Murray on mainsheet, Eduardo on bow and Geoff on helm.

The gusty conditions made for tough sailing. We found it took us a couple of laps to get to know the course and get a good feel of the conditions. In the downwind legs we noticed the trailer-sailor Hotline flying their spinnaker but we decided against hoisting ours. The legs were quite short and with the good wind, Halo was already getting up to 7 kts with Eduardo poling the jib out.

We enjoyed a close duel with Tamerlane throughout the race. We were in front from the start but at one of the leeward marks they sneakily cut in front of us while we misjudged the wind and did a double tack to get round the mark. Tamerlane held on to the lead for a lap until they had the ‘misfortune’ to collide with one of the marks. This meant they had to do a 360 degree penalty turn as we sailed past them. We maintained our lead for the rest of the race.

The wind died down a bit after a while so we shook out the reef. We completed 5 laps of the course before the race finished at the cut-off time of 1435 hours.

After dropping Murray off at Evans Bay we motored back home docking Halo at Chaffers at 1532 hrs.

View from Tamerlane while they were ahead of Halo
Calling the protest as Tamerlane touches the mark

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