EBYMBC Mishmosh Race – 28 May 2022

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Grant, Murray, and Anastasia.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots and 20 knots about the south coast.

Eduardo, Grant and Anastasia joined Geoff on Halo and we departed Chaffers at 1130 hrs. The northerly wind was averaging around 15 kts so we decided to hoist the No. 1 Genoa HW and full Mainsail. As we turned into Evans Bay with Grant on helm the wind was gusting over 20 kts. We sailed down the bay at up to 7 kts with the Genoa ‘goose-winged’ with the spinnaker pole.

We tied up at the wharf to collect Murray and the course was announced: Start – Somes Island port rounding – Finish. By now the wind was definitely looking to be too much for the Genoa #1 so Eduardo did a good job quickly changing sails to the No. 2 Jib just before the 5 minute countdown.

We had a good start crossing the line within seconds of the start gun on port tack at the clubhouse end of the line. Hotline and a couple of other trailer yachts were leeward and very close to us at the start. Being the windward boat we were forced to luff and lose speed as they pointed higher and sailed ahead of us.

We did four tacks before clearing Pt Halswell and continuing up the harbour. The wind was pretty gusty and Murray had to work hard on the mainsheet traveller to keep us from rounding up in the gusts.

Once we got into the wind shadow of Somes we lost a bit of ground but were able to clear Mokopuna in one tack and then hoisted the medium spinnaker.

Alex Paterson was buzzing around in the RIB taking some wonderful photos of the fleet.

We were neck and neck with Coriander initially for the run down the harbour and towards Evans Bay but they gradually pulled away from us. We did almost catch up with Grenadier who were sailing ‘goose-winged’ and we managed to cross the line just 7 seconds behind them.

We dropped Murray off at the Evans Bay wharf then motored back to Chaffers docking in the berth at 1535 hrs.

Later at the clubhouse the results were announced. We came second on handicap. Well done team Halo!

More of Alex’s photos of the fleet here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ebymbc/posts/5813237165360307/

Alex Paterson
Mob:     64 21 254 1654
Email:  alex@arrowheadnz.com

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