Barton Marine Winter Series 2 July 2022

Crew: Peter, Murray, Anastasia and Geoff.

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots easing to variable 5 knots in the morning. Northerly 15 knots developing early afternoon. Sea slight. Low tide: 1324 hrs.

After the excitement of last week’s EBYMBC Regatta and Matariki racing, we had a few repairs to do on Halo. Geoff climbed up the mast to install a replacement Windex. We also replaced both the jib cars thanks to speedy delivery from Barton Marine. On Phil’s recommendation we also got ourselves a protest flag.

Peter and Anastasia met Geoff on Halo and we cast off from Chaffers at 1000 hrs. Beautiful day but the wind was minimal. In view of the forecast 15 kts we held off on the headsail choice. We motored round to Evans Bay and rafted up with Rogue who were tied up at the wharf. The course was a announced as: Start – Ward Is (p) – Somes (p) – Finish with on-water start and finish at Pania.

Murray joined us and after the always great Evans Bay pies for lunch we cast off. The wind was about 4 kts NE and we rigged the No. 1 Genoa LT with full main. We sailed up the bay to the start line with Peter on helm, Murray on mainsheet and Geoff and Anastasia on sail trim and bow.

The race was delayed as they had to move the pin due to the wind moving from NE to N. At 1206 hrs the horn sounded and we were off to a good start on a starboard tack. We did notice Pania flying the individual recall flag as we crossed the line but we had no idea who it was for.

A minute into the race, we had a bit of drama. Zimmerframe had tacked onto port in front of us but they stalled so we were on a collision course. Geoff yelled out “starboard” as Peter luffed up Halo to avoid a collision. According to the rules of sailing Halo was the stand on boat so we shouted “Protest” which they acknowledged as we hoisted our brand new protest flag!

Progress was very slow with the wind at about 1.5 kts but we gradually tacked our way up the bay looking for wind, trying to avoid getting knocked, and working on getting every inch of speed out of our sails.

On our last starboard tack to get around the headland Peter kept on steering to the wind direction which was gradually moving round from N to E. We didn’t need to do the last port tack to round the point as our track amazingly curved around the corner. We found we were ahead of almost the whole fleet by the time we rounded Pt Halswell.

The breeze had eventually turned to SE and we were on the lay line for Ward Island when Race Control announced at 1413 hrs that the race was abandoned. What a shame, as we were doing so well! Frustratingly, minutes after the abandonment, as we motored back to Chaffers, the wind finally arrived. 15 kts northerly!

RaceQs Action Replay:

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