Isotherm Fridge Thermostat Replacement – Jan 2017

Finally got to the the bottom of the Isotherm fridge not regulating properly! Discovered, with the help of the Sean from Fridgetech that the thermostat was the wrong type, The previous owner must have replaced it at some stage with a model with sensor which needs to be touching the refrigeration plates. It should have a model which just measures air... Continue Reading →

New VHF Radio – 8 Dec 2016

Purchased and installed replacement VHF radio purchased from Burnsco. Connected 12V Power, Data from GPS, and External speaker and Programmed in the MMSI number.Called Maritime Radio for signal test and they reported excellent signal! UNIDEN UM380 Solara White - 8 Dec 2016

Up the Mast – 6 Dec 2016

Using the new Mast Mate ladder system, was able to easily climb up the mast and:1. Replaced spreader light bulb (10w halogen - couldn't find LED version)2. Installed new flag rope for flying club pennants.Only issue was that when hoisting the ladder, the steps tended to get caught in the stays which meet the spreader. Resolved by... Continue Reading →

Replace Zinc Anode and Test Hull Potential – Oct 2016

13 Oct 2016 - Contracted Underwater Services to check/replace shaft anode. Their report was:  "We have changed the anode on Halo. There was still life in the old anode but it was loose on the shaft and it couldn't be tightened."I then measured the Hull Potential from the prop shaft (inside the engine room) using the new silver reference electrode. Continue Reading →

Sea Trials New Autopilot – 24 Sept 2016

Grew - Geoff Forecast: Southeast 10 knots, rising to 15 knots this afternoon. Sea slight. Cloudy. Forecast was good so decided to take Halo out to test the new ST2000+ AutoPilot. Left marina 1130 hrs. First did the calibration for the internal compass by motoring round slowly in circles then off we went. Started out... Continue Reading →

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