EBYMBC Spring Race – 23 October 2021 

Crew: Geoff, Albrecht, Grant, Nina, Trey. Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Southerly 10 knots developing for a time afternoon about the South Coast. Northerly 10 knots developing in the evening. Sea slight. Fine with increasing high cloud. Low tide 1405 hrs. This Saturday was the first in the EBYMBC series of 'The Wash House' Spring Sailing races.... Continue Reading →

Winter Series Race – 15 Aug 2021

Crew: Geoff, Grant, Murray, Peter, Albrecht, Eduardo. Forecast: Northerly 10 knots rising to northwest 15 knots in the afternoon and to 20 knots gusting 30 knots in the evening. Sea becoming moderate in the evening. Fine. Another glorious day for sailing in the Barton Marine Winter Series! It was an early start due to the... Continue Reading →

Winter Series Race – 31 July 2021

Crew: Geoff, Albrecht, Grant, Nina. Forecast: Variable 5 knots, becoming southerly 10 knots for a time this afternoon. Sea slight. Fine.  Another stunning winter's day in Wellington for Race 3 for the Barton Marine Winter Series. Start time for all boats was 1045 hrs. Start - Mark 15 off Pt Halswell - Mark 8 off... Continue Reading →

Winter Series Race Two – 3 July 2021

Crew: Geoff, Albrecht, Grant, Jim, Nina. Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots for a time in the morning. Sea slight. Fine. HW 1200 hrs. A bloody great day to go sailing! With Geoff, Grant and Jim on board we cast off from Chaffers Marina at 0900 hrs. The northerly was forecast to pick... Continue Reading →

Winter Series Race One – 19 June 2021

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Eduardo, Grant, Albrecht, Murray. Forecast: Southerly 20 knots. Becoming southeast 15 knots but 20 knots about the south coast this morning. Moderate sea, easing in the harbour in the morning. Cloudy with fair visibility in periods of rain developing late morning. High tide: 1133 hrs. Our first race of the EBYMBC Winter Series... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Regatta 20 March 2021

Crew: Geoff, Grant, Murray, Peter, Albrecht. Forecast: Variable 5 knots becoming southerly 10 knots in the morning. Rising to 15 knots in the afternoon. Sea slight. Fine spells. High tide: 1114 hrs. The start line for this race was between the committee boat (Pania) and the orange flag. Halo started first over the line -... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Commodores Cup 13 March 2021

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Albrecht. Forecast: Southeast 15 knots, but 10 knots in the harbour. Becoming variable 5 knots everywhere this evening. Sea slight. Fine. Low tide 1153 hrs. With the light winds predicted we rigged up the No. 1 Light Genoa and prepared the Maxi Spinnaker. Geoff and Eduardo sailed round to Evans Bay and... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Night Race 12 March 2021

Crew: Geoff, Bruno, Eduardo. Forecast: Southerly 20 knots, but 15 knots about the harbour. Becoming southeast 15 knots but 10 knots in the harbour this evening. Moderate sea easing. High tide: 1708 hrs, Low tide 2317 hrs. After doing a safety briefing with Bruno (first time on Halo) and fitting a MOB light on his... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Marangi Cup – 13 Feb 2021

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Lorna. Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Northerly 10 knots developing this morning, rising to 15 knots this afternoon. Sea slight. Fine. Low tide - 1340 hrs. We cast off from Chaffers at 1100 hrs. Hoisted the No. 1 Light Genoa and Mainsail to sail across to Point Jenningham and then rigged up the spinnaker... Continue Reading →

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