RPNYC Opening Day Interclub Race – 9 Oct 2021

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Juliet, Martin, Trey. Forecast: Northwest 20 knots, easing to 15 knots this morning. Changing southerly 20 knots this afternoon. Moderate sea easing. Fine to start. Fair visibility in showers from afternoon, possibly heavy. Geoff attended the RPNYC opening day celebration on the deck of the Port Nick clubhouse. Met up with new... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Opening Day – 10 Oct 2020

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Albrecht, Martin, Petra. Forecast: Northeast 10 knots, easing to variable 5 knots for a time in the afternoon and evening. Sea slight. Mostly fine, high cloud increasing. Departed Chaffers at 1000 hrs with Martin and Petra (plus Andrew and Cristina who came for the ride) and did some practise sailing with No.... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Interclub Race – 22 Feb 2020

Crew: Geoff, Ken, Eduardo. Metservice Forecast: Northerly easing to 20 knots in the morning. Changing southerly 25 knots gusting 35 knots in the evening. Sea rough at times. Fair visibility in morning rain and poor visibility in evening showers. Ken, Eduardo and Geoff sailed round to Evans Bay and tied up at the Slipway pole. White Cavalier tied... Continue Reading →

RPNYC Island Bay Race – 26 Oct 2019

Crew: Geoff, Lorna, Murray, Ken, Eduardo. Metservice Forecast: Northerly 15 knots but 20 knots about the south coast. Rising to 20 knots but 25 knots gusting 35 knots about the south coast this afternoon, then to 25 knots gusting 35 knots but 30 knots gusting 40 knots in the south tonight. Sea becoming rough about... Continue Reading →

EBYMBC Interclub Race – 2 Mar 2019

Crew: Geoff, Graham, Bruce, Paul, Deneen, JeremyMarine Forecast: Variable 5 knots. Southerly 15 knots developing this morning easing to 10 knots this evening. Sea slight, Mainly fine.This combined inter-club race is a staggered harbour pursuit race with boats starting form between 12:00 and 13:45. Halo's start time was set at 12:25.We set off from Chaffers... Continue Reading →

LBYC Interclub Race – 9 Dec 2018

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Eduardo, Julie, Tunch Marine Forecast: Northerly 15 knots, but 20 knots gusting 30 knots at times about the south coast. Sea moderate at times about the south coast. Fine with high cloud.Early start leaving Chaffers at 0730 hrs and with Murray on helm and in breezy northerly (20+ kts) we motor-sailed across harbour arriving... Continue Reading →

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