RPNYC Rum Race – 20 March 2020

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Jason.Forecast: Southerly 15 kts easing to 10 kts.Our first Rum Race for Halo. We cast off from the berth at 1728 hrs to allow plenty of time to test the mainsail which we had removed that week for repairs to the sail cover. With wind reading from 16 to 20 knots we... Continue Reading →

RPNYC Island Bay Race – 26 Oct 2019

Crew: Geoff, Lorna, Murray, Ken, Eduardo  Metservice Forecast: Northerly 15 knots but 20 knots about the south coast. Rising to 20 knots but 25 knots gusting 35 knots about the south coast this afternoon, then to 25 knots gusting 35 knots but 30 knots gusting 40 knots in the south tonight. Sea becoming rough about... Continue Reading →

Island Bay Race Nov 2017

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Murray, Paul, Bex Forecast: Southeast 30 knots gusting 40 knots but 20 knots gusting 30 knots about the harbour easing to 20 knots gusting 30 knots but 15 knots about the Harbour during the evening. Rough sea about the south coast, easing this evening. Mainly fine, chance of a light shower or two... Continue Reading →

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